Semalt Presents The Most Powerful URL Scrapers For PPV

If you are a Pay-per-view (PPV) marketing consultant or analyst, and you have been copying URLs manually from target web pages, you can speed up your web scraping process by using some of the web scraping tools offered for free across the web.

As a PPV marketer, you need tools that can scrape and export data in a user-friendly format. When it comes to marketing PPV, conducting a thorough market research is a key to your success. You need to go for web scraping tools that offer quick access to the target content.

Free URL scrapers to consider for PPV

  • Skrayp

Skrayp is one of the most effective web scraping tools for PPV. Skrayp tool was designed to carry out all web scraping tasks such as keyword scraping, URL scraping, and video scraping. Skrayp is a free URL scraper that will allow you to increase your Return on Investment (ROI) on all your web data extraction campaigns.

Skrayp free URL scraper can manage and export all your target lists in real time. The tool works to extract information from more than 36 different countries with ease. If your current PPV marketing campaign involves scraping more than 1,000 URLs, Skrayp is the best tool to consider.

  • Oscraper software

Oscraper is a free URL scraper that scrapes URLs in both Google Paid results and Google organic. It is one of the most popular and forceful Google scrapers for both SEO marketing and PPV. The best part of using Oscraper is that you don't have to install the software on your computer to scrape target URLs. The software quickly works on Google and is compatible with all the PPV networks available in different countries. Oscraper tool can also function as a Google Chrome extension and is well-designed to work on all windows.

  • Scrapebox

Scrapebox is one of the best free URL scrapers developed to scrape as many URLs from any source you need. PPV marketing is all about identifying the right URLs to bid on. This is where Scrapebox scraper comes in. This URL scraping tool will help you scrape a target site based on the keywords you select.

  • PPV Sniper

PPV Sniper is a free URL scraper designed for PPV traffic campaigns. This software can scrape up to 20 ULS at the same time. In most cases, PPV Sniper is used to scraping social media platforms. This free software is also used to find highly ranked URLs in the search engines for specific keywords.